Master of Advanced Studies

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Pedagogical Approaches for Education in Humanitarian Principles and Values is a postgraduate academic degree of continued training consisting of three levels (CAS, DAS, MAS) and is conducted as a blended learning course. The programme will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement education in humanitarian principles and values in their own context professionally and sustainably. The first round starts in January 2018.

Project Humanity on Beta
Project Humanity
Project Humanity

What help do people in need require? Discover the humanitarian principles with project humanity.

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Humanity can be learned.


The principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence underpin all humanitarian missions worldwide. Students benefit in every respect from the deeper examination of the Humanitarian Principles as part of this school project:

  • they discover the importance and the function of the Humanitarian Principles
  • they examine the importance of the Humanitarian Principles for people in need
  • they learn how humanitarian aid works
  • they relate what they have learned to themselves and their own values
  • they develop a personal opinion and are able to present and defend it


Project Humanity - Modul 1

Getting to know the Humanitarian Principles

Having prepared for the first module by using selected materials, students share their first insights with their classmates. They thereby create a solid foundation for the modules to come.

  • documents on current humanitarian contexts
  • documents on the Humanitarian Principles
  • diversity of media (text, interviews, audio, video)
  • small-group discussions

My values and other people’s values

Having explored humanitarian contexts in the first module, the second invites the students to turn their attention inward. Participants develop a greater awareness of their own values and those of their classmates.

  • biography-based work
  • commonalities and differences
  • practice changing perspective
  • dealing with a diversity of values

The Humanitarian Principles in practice

The third module places the Humanitarian Principles in the context of humanitarian reality, from two different perspectives. What do the Humanitarian Principles mean to people in need? And what do they mean to people working in humanitarian aid?

  • more in-depth examination of a humanitarian context
  • discussions with an expert
  • developing new perspectives
  • personal conclusions

From personal opinion to shared intention

Based on the range of experiences and findings drawn from the first three modules, the fourth involves two tasks: students are given the opportunity to explore and conclude where they stand and what their opinions are. They also learn to defend their views.

  • reflection on what has been learned
  • practice debates
  • personal responsibility
  • drawing up action plans

From shared intention to own contribution

The fifth and final module asks participants to form groups in order to develop and implement their own contribution to the Humanitarian Principles. Their input should be seen, heard and respected.

  • use of personal resources
  • structuring work in small groups
  • presentation of contributions
  • general session to conclude

Pilot project

The pilot project shows that nothing comes of nothing – action is needed. Take a look at how the Humanitarian Principles are examined as part of the project.


«Humanity: not a simple term but an important topic. This school project provides manifold approaches and is interesting for the students as well as for me as their teacher.»

Andrea Müller
Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule (SAMD)
Davos Platz

«I was excited to get to know my students from another perspective during the project. It was worth it because they have learnt amazingly a lot and because they had much fun.» 

Debora Tahan-Bärtschi
Oberstufe, Schuleinheit Zentral

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